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Extended Pressure Range of 60K psi Offered for Additel Gauges, Calibrators and Pressure Test Pumps

Yorba Linda, Calif., April 1, 2018–Additel has extended the range of its Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Pressure Calibrator series products to 60K psi (4200 bar). Prior to this range extension, Additel offered solutions up to 40K psi (2800 bar). In addition to the 60K range a 50K psi (3500 bar) range is also available. These new pressure ranges are available on the ADT681, ADT680, ADT672, and ADT160A products. With the range extension, Additel also introduced the ADT960, Ultra High Test Pump up to 60K psi (4200 bar).


Additel's new range of products comes in accuracies ranging from 0.1% FS accuracy to 0.25% FS accuracy. Each product gauge, transducer, or calibrator comes with an Accredited certificate of calibration.


Product Availability

The Additel 681, 680, 672, 160A and 960 are now available. For more information, please visit www.additel.com. For information on Additel products and application, or to find the location of your nearest distributor, contact Additel corporation, 2900 Saturn Street, #B, Brea, CA 92821, call 1-714-998-6899, Fax 714-998-6999, email [email protected] or visit the Additel website at www.additel.com


About Additel

Additel Corporation is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools. Additel Corporation is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process industries in precision pressure calibration and test instrumentation. Additel has successfully developed, Pressure Controllers, Portable Automated Pressure Calibrators, handheld Digital Pressure Calibrators, Documenting Process Calibrators, Multifunction Process Calibrators, Temperature Dry-Wells, Digital Pressure Gauges, and various Calibration and Test Pumps.