Process Calibration Equipment
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Additel 209 and 210 Series Loop Calibrator
The new Additel 209 and 210 loop calibrator series combine ease of use and
functionality, making them the ideal tools to troubleshoot your process loop.
The ADT209 has an accuracy of 0.03% of reading whereas the ADT210
holds an accuracy of 0.01% of reading. If you want to source, simulate or
simply measure, the Additel Loop calibrator series will fit your need. The
ADT209 and ADT210 allow for measurement of current, voltage and a switch.
You can also simulate or source mA or a process transmitter. With a push of
a button, you can switch to zero and span values, auto ramp, and auto step
throughout the range. Each loop calibrator has a large, easy to read screen
which simultaneously displays the measurement with the % of span.
Accuracy to 0.01% of reading
Small and rugged handheld design
Measure, source, or simulate loop current
Measure DC volts
Simultaneously mA and % span display
Switch functionality
Selectable ramp and step functions
Easy to read display and user interface
HART 250
resistor in series with 24V loop
Range Resolution ADT209 Accuracy ADT210 Accuracy
Voltage DC
0 to 30 V 1 mV 0.03%RD + 2mV 0.01%RD + 2mV
Current DC
0 to 24 mA 1 μA 0.03%RD + 2μA 0.01%RD + 2μA
Switch test
Input resistance more than 500 MΩ
Trigger level: low level <0.3V; high level: >2V
[1] 1MΩ input resistance
[2] Loop transmitter current measure: 700Ω maximum
Range Resolution ADT209 Accuracy ADT210 Accuracy
Current DC 0 to 24 mA
1 μA 0.03%RD + 2 μA 0.01%RD + 2 μA
Source mode 700Ω/20 mA maximum
Sink mode External loop voltage nominal 24 V, maximum 30 V, minimum 12 V
Process Calibration Equipment
Visit our website at or call today (1)714-998-6899
Model Number
Optional Accessories
Accessories included
9812 110V/220V external power adapter (DC 9V)
9024 Test lead set 1 set
Alligator clips 2 pcs
9V Alkaline battery 1 pc
Voltage limit 30 V between terminals or between terminals and ground
Measurement Functions Auto step, auto ramp, span step
Display VA LCD display. 2.04 x 2.04 in (52 x 52 mm)
Loop power 24 V
Over-voltage protection 30 V DC (240 V AC)
Overload current protection 33 mA DC
Storage temperature -20°C to 70°C
Working Environment -10 to 50°C, 95%RH
Working Altitude <3,000 m
Random 2G 5 to 500 Hz
1 meter drop
One 9 V alkaline battery (ANSI/NEDA 1604A or IEC)
DC9 V optional adapter available
Battery life (typical)
Output mode: 18 hours (12 mA/500Ω)
Measure mode: 50 hours
Size (LxWxH) 163 x 83 x 41 mm
Weight 350 g
Calibration Certification ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
with data
Compliance Certification
ADT209: CE
ADT210: CE
Warranty 3 years