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Documenting Multifunction Process Calibrator
Additel 227, 227Ex
Sourcing, Simulating and Measuring Pressure,
Temperature and Electrical Signals
Built-in Full Hart Communicator (ADT227-HART)
Built-in Barometer
Intrinsically Safe Models Available (Ex)
Large Smartphone Like Touchscreen User Experience
USB Type-C and Bluetooth Communications
IP67 Rated
High Voltage Measurement Capability (300V AC)
True RMS Voltage Meter Capability
Dual Channel Pressure Module Ports
High Static Differential Pressure Measurement 0.002% FS
ISO 17025-accredited Calibration w/data Included
Additel’s new Multi-functional Documenting Process Calibrator series takes portability, functionality, and accuracy to
a whole new level and packages it with an intuitive and easy to use color touchscreen display. This series includes an
advanced documenting pressure calibrator (ADT227) and an advanced documentation process calibrator with a built-
in HART communicator (ADT227-HART). Additionally, each calibrator has an ATEX certified intrinsically safe option
(ADT227Ex) allowing you to perform calibration in the harshest of environments. We’re condent these new tools will not
only meet your calibration requirements but will make metrology simple for you!
Easy-to-use Cellphone Like Interface
Additel's new and improved ADT227 series provides much improved
accuracies including an electrical accuracy of 0.005% RD + 0.005% FS,
high-static differential pressure mode accuracy to 0.002% FS and across
the board improvements in temperature measurement accuracies.
The ADT227 series brings an all new user interface to the world of process
calibrators. With a menu driven interface and a small size/weight, the ADT227
is the industry's smallest advanced multifunctional process calibrator with an
intrinsically safe version to boot (ADT227Ex). It adopts advanced human hand
engineering design for the most convenient eld handheld process calibrator
The ADT227 has been developed with a powerful embedded operating
system which solves common problems of other designs including slow
response, cumbersome key operation, high power consumption and overall
slow processing.