Temperature Calibration Equipment
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Reference Dry Well Calibrators
Additel 878
We are taking temperature calibration to the next level with the Additel 878 Reference
Dry Well Calibrators. If you are looking for the best dry well on the market, then look
no further! Additel’s commitment to continuous improvement, quality and time saving
features are on full display in the ADT878 series. With three models to choose from,
ranging from -40 to 700°C, you will nd the perfect t for your calibration needs. The
Process Calibrator option adds an external reference input, a two-channel readout for
UUT’s and a full complement of capabilities to help with everything from measuring
temperature sensors, to calibrating thermocouples, self-calibrating the Reference Well
and conguring HART transmitters. Each unit comes standard with a large touchscreen
display, dual-zone control and Additel’s commitment to the best customer service in the
industry. We are certain that you will be blown away by the outstanding performance
of these game-changing Reference Dry Wells!
Three models ranging from -40
to 700
Reference level performance in accuracy, stability and uniformity
Quick to temperature
Two-channel readout measures RTDs and TCs, and provides task
Full HART communicator (PC Option)
Optional external temperature control
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable
Color touch screen display
Quick-Push connectors (PC Option)
Set point control by reference
Self-calibration feature
Optional TPW kit for built-in automatic realization (ADT878-160 only)
Built-in automatic PRT annealing feature (ADT878-700 only)
Corporate Headquarters
2900 Saturn Street #B
Brea, CA 92821, USA
Salt Lake City Office
1364 West State Rd. Suite 101
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, USA
Temperature Calibration Equipment
Phone: 714-998-6899 Email: sales@additel.com
Rev # 20221031
Specication Display
mA Measurement
Non-PC version
PC version
Process Calibrator Option
Each model can be purchased with our Process Calibrator (PC) option. This option combines the many features found
in a fully functional HART documenting process calibrator with the reference grade dry well. This option includes the
ability to measure a reference PRT, with virtually any connection type, and two device under test channels which can
measure, mA, voltage, switch, RTD or thermocouple. In addition to these measurement functions, this calibrator has
full documenting capability of creating tasks, saving as found and as left results, as well as communication with HART-
smart transmitters. The process calibrator option also has an on board full HART communicator which allows users to
read, congure and calibrate HART transmitters. The snap shot feature allows you to capture all information displayed
on the screen with the push of a button. This optional add-on allows for data logging of all channels on an auto step
function. By utilizing the reference PRT, you can select to control to the dry well set point using the internal sensor or
the external reference PRT.
We believe using an external reference probe as your standard is the best way to perform your temperature
calibration. But we also recognize this method is not always necessary or convenient and depending on the
application, using the internal control sensor would be preferred. Traditionally, the internal control sensor has a wide
accuracy which can largely be contributed to its long-term drift. We’ve built-in a self-calibration feature allowing you to
run an automated calibration of the internal control sensor using your external reference. With literally a few selections
the calibration will run automatically giving you a fresh, traceable calibration of the control sensor which will improve
its accuracy as you will not have to account for its long term drift when used as the reference.
Process Calibrator
Optional Electronics
Traditionally, dry wells were simply a stable heat source. To enhance the usability of our Reference Dry Wells, we've
added automation features enabling you to utilize these amazing devices as a highly stable heat source, triple point of
water maintenance apparatus, and annealing furnace.
Combined with the ADT878-TPW-KIT, the ADT878-160 Reference Dry Well can be used to automatically realize
and maintain a triple point of water cell. Traditional methods take time and practice to realize the triple point of water.
Additel has now simplied this process with an automatic TPW realization feature. Simply insert the cell and PRT into
the Reference Dry Well and run the procedure. The automation in the rmware will alert when the cell is super cooled.
Remove the cell and give it a shake and now you can maintain the triple point in the reference well. This is very useful
to check the drift of your PRT. For more information, please see our ADT878-TPW-KIT data sheet.
When you purchase our 700°C Reference Dry Well, you will find our automatic annealing feature used to anneal
PRTs. We have precongured annealing procedures that set the temperature annealing time and cool down rate. This
feature, also lets you create your own annealing procedures.
Automation Features