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Additel Corporation introduces the new 875-1210 and 878-1210 Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces
picture of 875-1210 or 878-1210

Additel’s New 875-1210 and 878-1210 Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces redefine high temperature calibration/verification work.

Brea, Calif., May 19, 2020–Additel Corporation introduces their new ADT875-1210 and ADT878-1210 Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces which cover a temperature range of 100°C to 1210°C. Each unit comes standard with Additel’s patented tri-zone “Adaptive Control” to provide the best performance specifications possible relating to stability, radial and axial uniformity and loading.

The ADT875-1210 and ADT878-1210 can be purchased with a process calibrator option to combine the many features found in a multicomponent temperature calibration system with the calibration furnace. This option includes the ability to measure and control the furnace with a reference grade thermocouple and (4) device under test channels which can measure, mA, voltage or thermocouple. In addition to these measurement functions this calibrator has full documenting capability of creating tasks, saving “as found” and “as left” results, providing pass/fail criteria and HART communication capability for simplified transmitter calibrations/verifications.

Product Availability
The Additel 875-1210 and ADT878-1210 Furnaces are now available for order. For more information, please visit www.additel.com/products/Portable-Automated-Pressure-Calibrator. For information on Additel products and applications, or to find the location of your nearest distributor, contact Additel corporation, 2900 Saturn Drive, #B, Brea, CA 92821, call 1-714-998-6899, Fax 714-998-6999, email [email protected] or visit the Additel website at www.additel.com

About Additel
Additel Corporation is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools. Additel is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process and calibration industries. For many years Additel has successfully developed automated pressure calibrators, digital pressure test gauges, digital pressure calibrators, pressure test and calibration pumps, and multifunction process calibrators. In recent years, Additel has expanded its product offing to include temperature calibration tools that are helping to make metrology simple. Coupled with our accredited calibration laboratory in Brea, CA, Additel products, calibration services and customer support are second to none.
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