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Additel Link Main Screen
Additel Link Main Screen
Additel Link Main Screen
Additel Link
Mobile Pressure Control App

  • Remote control of pressure and temperature products
  • Calibration toolkit included
  • Unit converter
  • Probe Calibration Coefficient Generation Tool
  • Data Recording
  • Simple User Interface
  • Supports Various Units
  • User Definable Permissions and Access Levels


Additel Link is a control utility designed to allow you to remote control and view the state of your Additel products.

This software will make it easy to control your dry well units. The added productivity will help free up your time, and allow you to get more work done. This app is free, and can help you with your transmitter calibrations with it's easy to use reference and control panel. It'll also help you monitor the calibrator when you're away.

Users of the old version of the app may find the new version by searching for 'Additel Link' in their device's app store.